Sustainability adviser for salvage and wreck removal projects

Shipping casualties and their associated salvage interventions may pose a number of potential environmental and social risks with impacts that need to be identified, managed and mitigated.


Environmental adviser


Marittima can provide technical assistance to insurers, salvors and government authorities to ensure environmental and social risks are fully considered, mitigation options are addressed and liaison with all stakholders proceeds smoothly:

  • Environmental adviser for salvors and owner’s/underwriters and P&I Clubs during emergency response operations
  • Environmental and social risk assessments (ESRA) and impact mitigation advice during the wreck removal tender process
  • Monitoring of wreck removal operations for internal sustainability reporting requirements (e.g. based on standards such as GRI) 
  • Development of environmental and social management systems for emergency and wreck removal operations
  • Post-incident environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs)

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