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Marittima has forged close relationships with interdisciplinary expertise and is able to bring a project team together as required. This includes expertise in the fields of:

  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • GIS and mapping
  • Social sciences
  • Marine engineering
  • Waste management

Where environmental management best practice is concerned, the complexity of issues affecting the marine environment means that there is no single catch-all template or solution. As such we are highly motivated to understand the unique needs of each project and seek appropriate, proportionate and pragmatic solutions which are underpinned by emerging Blue Economy principles.

In addition, Marittima aims to facilitate the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations within the blue economy, shipping and pollution response communities.

We are contactable on a 24/7 basis.

Nicky has a BSc in Marine Biology and MSc in Tropical Coastal Management. She has 15 years experience in marine environmental management and has provided technical advice and coordination on-site at more than 30 pollution and shipping incidents around the world. Before establishing Marittima she worked for ITOPF as a Technical Adviser and later a Senior Technical Adviser. She has also worked as a fisheries consultant and on coral reef monitoring and conservation projects for both the World Bank and NGOs and has experience with ESG impact investing. 

She has provided training on all matters relating to maritime pollution response as part of the joint IMO / IPIECA Global initiatives and has delivered OPRC Levels 1-3 courses all over the world. 

Nicky established Marittima to combine experiences and interests, promoting sustainability across the spectrum of themes currently facing the maritime sector.

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Nicky Cariglia


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To be a small company promoting best practice environmental stewardship and sustainability of marine activities, adhering to the principles of cooperation, integrity and technical objectivity.

To provide emergency response and highly tailored environmental advisory services to all stakeholders in the maritime sector.



Seek to engage with all relevant stakeholders and work on a collaborative basis aimed at delivering projects in the most efficient manner.



Always assume a fair and equitable approach that is based on international best practice. To provide the best value to clients, fees are charged on a daily or hourly basis and we do not endorse specific contractors.



Regardless of the client, we will provide advice based on science, best practices as well as location-specific socioeconomic and environmental factors.

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