Services are available to all stakeholders; private sector clients such as investors, P&I clubs, underwriters, law firms, vessel owners & operators, oil & gas companies. We also serve intergovernmental and governmental organisations.

To reflect these uncertain times and to provide maximum flexibility to clients, we now offer a consultancy retainer package which can assist clients with any environmental related queries at any time. The consultancy retainer package includes real-time advice over the phone as well as review and production of reports in support of specific cases or for general interest topics. Bespoke training and seminars on all environmental matters relating to incidents and sustainability topics can also be provided as part of the package. To find out more and discuss your needs, please get in touch via the contact page. 


Emergency response

No matter how well-prepared your organisation is internally to respond to an oil spill, external factors and local emergency response processes will usually be the key to the effectiveness of a response.


Sustainability adviser for salvage and wreck removals

In addition to the risk of oil pollution, shipping casualties and their associated salvage interventions may pose a number of potential environmental and social risks which require assessment and mitigation where possible. 


Prevention, preparedness and training

Not only are planning and training legal requirements for operators, they can ensure that an organisation deals with oil pollution incidents in the most effective way.


ESG strategy development

Developing an ESG policy can be a daunting task and yet, the maritime sector is stepping up to the challenge. Marittima can provide support for every step of the process. 

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