Emergency response

No matter how well-prepared an organisation is internally to respond to an oil spill, external factors and local emergency response processes will usually be the key to the effectiveness of a response.

emergency response

Most modern organisations adhere to internally standardised and rigorous emergency management procedures. Normally these are based on the Incident Command System (ICS). However, incidents usually occur in locations where local emergency management systems differ or are less systematised. Marittima has the experience to provide context to these complex issues, ultimately resulting in a more efficient response.

Crisis team and on-site adviser/shoreline response coordination

  • Plan, guide and monitor implementation of clean-up plans
  • Assist in contractor selection
  • Liaise with all stakeholders to provide an understanding of sensitivities at risk and response priorities
  • Prioritisation of relevant environmental sensitivities and consideration of damage mitigation strategies
  • Monitor, comment on and investigate potential third-party claims resulting from the incident
  • Baseline characterisation and damage assessments: fisheries, aquaculture, tourism and other coastal activities
  • Environmental adviser for salvors and owner’s/underwriters and P&I Clubs

Claims assessment

  • Assessment of third-party damage claims: fisheries and aquaculture, tourism
  • Response contractor claims assessment
  • Assistance in the compilation of complete claims on the behalf of affected parties

Environmental damage quantification and restoration

  • Advice on post-incident environmental monitoring programmes
  • Environmental damage claims advice

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