IOSC 2021, Salvage Companies as OSROs

Salvage Companies as OSROs: Benefits and Limitations, Nicky Cariglia, International Oil Spill Conference Proceedings (2021)
IOSC 2021

The International Oil Spill Conference (IOSC) provides a vital forum for professionals from the international spill response community, private sector, government, and non-governmental organizations to come together to tackle the greatest challenges facing us with sound science, practical innovation, social engineering, global research, and imagination.


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Adapting Salvage Operations for Remote Oil Spill Responses


As the maritime industry faces fewer large-scale casualties, salvage contractors are increasingly expanding into oil spill response (OSR), especially in remote areas where infrastructure and expertise are limited. While the global preparedness for oil spills has improved, remote locations still present significant challenges. Salvage companies are uniquely positioned to manage these challenges due to their logistical capabilities and comprehensive service offerings.


The integration of OSR into salvage operations allows contractors to provide turnkey solutions for emergency responses, leveraging their existing resources and expertise. However, sustaining these expanded services requires careful management to ensure financial viability and operational effectiveness.


Recommendations for salvage contractors include assessing the feasibility of their operational models, maintaining clear distinctions between salvage and OSR activities to prevent conflicts of interest, and implementing strategic project management to efficiently mobilise resources. As salvage companies adapt to these dual roles, strategic planning and clear guidelines will be essential for providing effective and sustainable oil spill responses in challenging environments.

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Nicky Cariglia

Nicky Cariglia

Marine environmental and sustainability professional with a broad range of experience over 17 years.
Ten years spent responding to maritime incidents, attending on site at more than 30 pollution and salvage incidents around the world.

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